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Hot weather stalling question, no Q content

Dear Audi folks:

	I am not in a hurry to solve my problem because we will not be
getting any more HOT (85 F) days here in Albany NY this year, but I would
appreciate any suggestions regarding what to try next.

> I have a 87 5000S model, 100 k miles
This summer (Aug and Sept), after driving 15 minutes at 80+F (at various
rpms) my car would frequently often shut off.   It did seem to die slightly
sooner on some very hot days.   Problem had happened previous summer also
but went away after I disconnected and reconnected most of the electronic

  I checked the fuel filter, normal electrical connections and other misc
parts and found nothing out of spec.  The problem persisted and I changed
the coil and the ignition module.  The hall sensor and fuel pump are the
next items to change but I think they are good.   I have a parts car so
parts are free.
No fault codes are registered during these failures.

Funny thing is the car always restarts after about 15 seconds and the shut
offs only occur on the way home from work (car is parked in the sun and car
is black)

The car has not shut off in weeks but I am interested in any suggestions for
me to try prior to is getting hot again.