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Intercooler (fwd)or 30v A4 supercharger kit

This is what I got when I asked about an intercooler on the 30valve
a4 supercharger kit from Tony.

The system does not have an intercooler. We are using an Eaton twin
screw supercharger. This supercharger is known for NOT producing a lot
of heat. A turbo or centrifugal supercharger (very similar to a turbo)
does produce a tremendous amount of heat. The turbo produces the most
heat since the exhaust gases are used to drive the turbo. Also, the
turbine wheel in a turbo and centrifugal supercharger spins as high as
45,000 RPM. The whipping of the air also produces heat. In summary, a
intercooler is a must in a turbo system, a good idea on a centrifugal
supercharger and not necessary on a twin screw supercharger. Most twin
screw supercharger systems do not use intercoolers. We did try to
incorporate an intercooler into our system since lower air temp. would
produce more power, but space constraints make it necessary to do major
body fabrication. Also an intercooler would add around $2000 to the
  We have just begun our first production run. The kit will go on sale
within the next month. We are very proud of the kit we have created and
I would be happy to discuss further details with you. Please give me a
call TOLL FREE at 877-697-1688.