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Re: I'm an idiot

Tom Van Ness <tom@reece.com> wrote:

>Okay, will someone please fill me in. I feel really stupid for asking, but
>what's a rear fog light?

Extra bright taillight, standard equipment on almost all Audis in Europe
since the early '80s. While two sockets are provided on most Audis, only
one is used to prevent confusion with the (less powerful) brake lights.

Its presence has saved my life on a couple of occasions, and its presence
on other cars has made my life a little easier a couple of times, too.

A lot of people here seem to know very well how to turn it on, just not how
to turn it off again- despite the presence of a very bright tell-tale on
the switch or the dash (mandatory- and subject to annual testing).

In fact I could easily live without front foglights, but not without the
one at the rear.