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Re: one less q in the world

In a message dated 98-10-15 11:59:52 EDT, you write:

<< Rubberneckers on the other side of the highway crashed 2 more cars.  In
 total, 7 cars were damaged to varying degrees because 2 people followed
 too closely. >>
Marvelous, especially about the rubberneckers, I just love it when I've got an
8 hour drive to get home from PA and wind up in a 1/2 hour gawker blocker as
icing on the cake, all the while the real problem/blockage is on the other
side of the @#$%^ road.
If Ican help locate a replacment, let me know. 4000 Q aren't as plentiful as
they used to be, but we re negotiating a coupe deal with a 4000q owner.
Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT