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Subject: Strange noise at 40 & above at 70 degrees or colder....Help

Bob Mansker wrote:


I have a strange noise on my 87 5KQ.

It is related to the wind & starts making a fluttering noise at 40mph & above.

Seems to happen when the tempature is 70 or below.

It happened longer & louder last winter (40 degrees & above)

It is driving me crazy...

Has anybody had the same problem?

Bob: need more details; from within the car, front or back, etc.  Could be the
flaps at the rear of the car in the C pillars that let air out of the car...
try opening a window a bit, does the noise change or go away?  Try turning the
climate control to off; any change?  Different fan speeds change the pitch?
Otherwise, need more details.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com