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Nurburgring next weekend?

Just wondering... is anyone else here on the q-list going to the QCUSA
Nurburgring trip next weekend? I'll be flying out first-class (thanks to
many frequent flyer miles!!) on Wednesday night. I land in Frankfurt on
Thursday morning. I'll be there until the following Wednesday morning.
It would be great to meet up with some q-listers over there as well, if

FWIW, I got a brochure on the hotel we are staying at for the three
(QCUSA) days. It is trackside!! Yahoo!! So... not only do we get to
watch a race there next Saturday (BTW, does anyone know what race is
taking place there next Saturday? DTM? BTCC? Porsche Supercup?)... but
we get to roll out of bed on Sunday and Monday morning... and hop into
the 30valve V6 A4Qs for some spirited driving lessons from the Audi
factory drivers!! I sure do hope we get to run the long circuit... :-)

Also... does anyone know roughly how long it would take to drive from
Frankfurt to Ingolstadt? I am thinking of taking a bit of a road trip...
to the factory/visitors center... if it doesn't take too long. I am
guessing about 4 hours? Hopefully it is a lot less than that...

FWIW, I am currently unsubbed... and I won't be accessing e-mail after
Wednesday morning. Once I get back and settled down in MA (first week in
Nov?), I'll post a brief report, and hopefully have some pix for
everyone to see.

Take care. Wish me luck... :-)

                     Jim Griffin
                 ICQ # 1315286
'92 Audi 100S - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
 "Perception is often stronger than reality!"