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Re: Workshop Manual for 1995 Audi 90

The 1992+ 100's and 1993+ 90's had the V6 engine.  You need the factory
manual, which is not published by Bently (I haven't seen a Haynes for
it, either).  Pretty expensive; I can't think of the publisher right now
but if no one else has it I can look it up.

Menelaos N. Karamichalis wrote:
> I am in search of a workshop manual for my car.  I visited the Robert
> Bentley WWW site and even talked to a person there on the telephone.  The
> current manual they produce for the Audi 90 does not cover the 94 and 95
> model years.  When was the V6-equipped 90 first produced?  It seems to be
> that the 93 models had the 2.3l I-5 engine, but I could be wrong.
> Is there another alternative?  I am not a great fan of the Haynes manuals.
> TIA, I will summarize to the list.
> Menelaos N. Karamichalis                        mnk@verio.net
>                                                 Red 1995 Audi 90 Sport