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RE: License to....

Sorry, but you are totally wrong (in most of your rebuttals):

It is not only the fault of the nazi government...........most Germans
participated in it very happily...........

There was EXTREMELY low resistance to the Hitler regime (up till
1945!)..........make no mistake about it.

The Germans are followers......just like the Japanese, it is no mistake or
coincidence that those two nations afflicted so much misery on the world (in
this century) for  no reason at all, other than their own twisted

And yes (sorry again Brad!) there is a collective guilt (for a nation) and
it does not go away!

How would you like to be a Serb now? (although by no mean do I fault all the
Serbs for the Millosovich regime.......do you really think that what is
happening in Serbia is ONLY the fault of the Serbian government?

All the above  does not change the fact that it is fun to own an Audi (as we
all know all too well), the Germans are concerned about what happened (in
WW2) and  have been taking steps to put in a system that will not allow that
to happen again (through education and other means)


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>Pity the Germans that have to live with this "legacy" for the rest of their

It is not proper, nor rational, to attribute the sins of a government to all
its people.  You must deal with people as individuals, not "subjects of an
evil government".  My country (US) had slaves.  Perhaps even someone I am
distantly related to had slaves (though it's not very likely, since we've
been primarily a northern family).  Even so, I am not a racist.  I am not a
slaver.  And I am NOT responsible for the past sins of my country.  I didn't
do it, I don't agree with it.  Don't blame me.

>every German carries with him a seed of this evil (if
>my father could do it, could I?...............given the "right

"Determinism" (what you're espousing here) is a horribly misguided
philosophical "excuse" used by those who need a convenient "out" for the
things that they do.  On a smaller scale, we assert that children are
"genetically pre-disposed" to do things like murder.  Bulls**t.  People are
sentient, volitional beings.  They do what they want to.

ObAudi: mmm, just saw an A8 cruising around today.  *wishes he had the
money*  *wishes the unusual 75 degree day today would stick around for
another week, rather than just another day*

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