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Re: Fair Market v. Supply

>Hi Brett,
>Caught your comments on the worth of "a mint 200q20v with 60k on the
>clock" on the list.  It appears that the CA selling is attempting to
>take advantage of a "real find."  I just wonder if there are enough cars
>of this description to set a fair market value.  I'd love to find one
>like the car described for what you say it's worth!  Do you know of any
>for sale?  Do they show up with enough frequency to wait one out?  I've
>only been looking about a month or so, but so far can only find rather
>long mileage cars of this specification, and most are surely not mint.
>Advice, suggestions, feedback?
I would suggest looking right around the time Audi releases the new models,
and cars like the TT start hitting the market(also, the '99 S4.)  These
models, in addition to the A6's, are what current owners* of the 200q20v's
are going for.

*elaborating: current owners who have had the car for several years or are
the 1st owners, ie, people in the market for a new car, and something
sporty.  I say the TT because it's sort of a mid-life-crisis car, and most
original 200q20v owners are at, or past, the mid-life stage :)

Right now, most 200q20v's have hit the 100k point and have already been
dumped; for example, in the Boston Globe around July there was a FLOOD of
200q20v's for sale.

Your problem is that those cars are now owned by people who are very
unlikely to let them go; they've dropped in a fair amount of cash for the
car (and for repairs to bring it up to good condition) and are highly
unlikely to turn around and sell the car in a year, since it would
undoubtably result in a substantial financial loss.

Hang in there; some are bound to pop up.  It is hard work finding one, and
even harder finding one that's in good shape and/or with a fair asking
price.  I would say that 12k is probably about right around the Boston/NE
region for one with 100k on the clock and in good shape(ie, no major
repairs needed, interior+exterior in good shape, etc.)

I'm cc'ing the 200q20v list and the qlist, but from experience, you're more
likely to find the car by scanning the Boston Globe and similar.

PS:I chopped it off by accident, but Dave is here in MA(Waltham, actually.)

Brett Dikeman
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