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Re: idiots 'n lights

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >I find my 540 watts of halogen adequate to confirm that they have
> >successfully drawn my attention, and that it might now be time to
> >switch it off.  Please.
> >
> >Sometimes you can see their eyes in their own rear view mirror, glowing
> >red.  It also tends to make all of their passengers jump out of their
> >skins.
> This is completely ineffective in the US.  Most people just think you want
> them to speed up or get out of your way, not that they're idiots and they
> left the fog light on.  Either way, you come off as a real jerk to the
> person you just flashed your highbeams at.
> Most of them think it's a front-facing fog light, or press the switch the
> wrong way, turning on both front+rear.  Most don't even know the switch is
> there or what it does.
> Brett
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On my V8 you can't turn on the rear fog light, until the front one is
on.  Arn't all vehicles setup this way?