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foglights for '85 4kq

Erik R Addy wrote:


> I am thinking very seriously about installing some foglights on my 85

> 4kq.  I will probably use Hella's, like the 550, 530, 450, 300 or Micro FF.
I am trying to figure out a good place to put them that works well and doesn't
look to tacky.  On top of the bumper infront of the grill is not a possible
option.  I would like to put them in the bumper next to the turn signals where
those white reflectors now reside.  What is behind the plasic reflector.  Is
this possible/practical?  Any other

> suggestions?

For USA spec cars, the reflector hides the bumper mounts.  The factory used to
sell a fog light kit (no longer avail, I've been told) that mounted the lights
in the lower grill below the bumper; they'd sell you a new grill with the
cutout, or thoughtfully included details on how to cut your existing grill.
Works well for fogs; just make sure they are short and shallow enough to fit
without interference.  The kit included triangular metal mounts; you could
easily fabricate your own.  Also, I've seen pictures of people mounting lights
inside the upper grill, without cutting the grill.  I suppose if you're
ambitious you could move the turn signals to the corner marker, and find mini
lights to go there; would need new dual-filament socket for the corner marker,
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com