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Re: 9004 - 9007 Conv


At 08:08 PM 10/18/98 -0600, spsherm@ibm.net wrote:
>Sounds like an easy upgrade for the so-so lighting that these cars come
>Can anyone say if the relays are a necessary part of the 9007 conversion
>or can I do it with just some bulbs and a dremel (e.g. will I burn the
>the lite switches out if I don't use a relay?).

Do the relays _first_ for a 30% increase in the awful DOT lighting power.

Time for a reminder:  I have a pretty good 9004-9007 and 4kq/CGT lights
page at http://netnow.micron.net/~marriott under "pictures" and then "cars."

hth and

'87 4kq
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'86 4ks, lives on in memory
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