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Re: Nurburgring next weekend?

>(BTW, does anyone know what race is taking place there next 
> Saturday? DTM? BTCC? Porsche Supercup?)

You will be able to watch the latest round of the Veedol 
Langstreckenpokal which is run on both parts of the Nuerburgring and 
features touring cars mostly in group A or group N spec. More info 
and pictures at http://www.ks-design.de/vln/ (German only)

> I sure do hope we get to run the long circuit... :-)

For a good preview of the old cicuit take a look at 
http://cbsgi1.bu.edu/bmw/nurbcgi.html and please be very carefull. 
Just been on the Nuerburgring this last sunday to have some fun with 
the S2 and saw 4 wrecked cars and 3 junked motorcycles within 3 hours 
on the track!!

> I am guessing about 4 hours? 

If you want to make in time to Ingolstadt a 4 hour estimate is not to 

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant 
'89 CQ 20V