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Horrifying datapoint

On the way to the bat cave this AM, I stopped at a used car lot to look at
a 1986 5000S, automatic, blue velour interior, sunroof, so-so white
repaint, nice tires, showing 84,000 miles (but *WE* know about Audi
odometers!). Very generic bottom of the line 5000 - not a bad car, and this
one was fairly clean, but mostly because it had been recently cleaned.
(Condensation in one headlight, some broken plastic trim, door moldings
under the windows wrinkled - obviously a used-car-lot denizen - spit and
baling wire just to get it off the lot . . . )

Had a sold sign on it - asked how much it went for - ready: $3,495!

Mentioned timing belt due at 60,000 miles or else, used car dealer said -
"Not my problem - car was sold AS-IS."

If the new owner is lucky, I'll see him (her?) around town and tell them
about the timing belt - and this list!

Dang - at that rate, my car must be worth $10,000!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman