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5Kcstq springs and Strut R&R (plus other misc ?'s)

This past weekend, I successfully swapped the front strut cartridges and
the rear springs/struts on the 5K.  Thanks to everyone that gave me
pointers on what to do.  The cap on the front struts *finally* came off
with a pipe wrench, and about a 5 ft cheater bar!

I installed Boge Pro Gas in all 4 corners, using the S4 struts in the
rear, fabricating spacers to make up the different between the stock
struts, and the S4 struts.  Also installed the H&R springs in t he rear
(will do the fronts after the winter, when I can afford to have the car
out of commission for a few days).

Now a question.  When I bought the car, when making a right hand turn, I
would get a rhythmic pulsing/grinding front he front left wheel.  I
thought "Wheel bearing", replaced it.  Still there.  So I though "CV",
so I replaced the 1/2 shaft, with 2 new cv's.  Problem still there.  A
mechanic friend of mine said "Bad strut".  I just replaced those.  Noise
still there.  Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

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