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re: 130 miles to the cup......of Pentosin

On Oct 12 Wolff wrote:
>I get 130 miles to BLO (brake light on) in the '91 200 tq. This is after
>changing the seals including the shaft seal on my "green tag" pump. It
>is definately only leaking from the shaft seal. I notice about 1 mm of
>in and out (thrust) play on the shaft, but no side to side play. Bearing
>seems good. Should I call it quits and get a pump from TPC at $290? Is
>there anything else I can try?


Bentley specs a max tolerance for a gap at an internal part. Did you check
that?  I don't remember exactly, but maybe it's related to the play you are
seeing.  It said if this spec was exceeded the pump should be replaced.
Was that endplay there before the rebuild?  Was the leak that bad before?

I just bought a rebuilt rack from Jorgen for $185 (for an 89 100).
Jorgen Automotive
Ann Arbor, MI

While talking with them I asked about other parts they can provide.  They
said their price for a rebuilt pump is $161+ $38 core deposit, plus $12
They rebuild the racks themselves, but the pumps are rebuilt elsewhere.

I know their price for the rack is the best I've seen, except someone else
recently quoted $175.  The $10 diff may be due to that rack having been for
an earlier model...using crush seals rather than O-ring.  But the O-ring
type rack looks like it would work just as well with the crush washers.  In
fact I suspect there is only one style rebuilt rack  and it's being used
with either type of seal.

I ordered the rack last Wednesday and UPS delivered it to my door the next
day.  Still in the process of installing it, along with rebuilding the
pump, cleaning up a couple years worth of sludge, etc...all in my 89 100.
Haven't put it all back together yet so I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping
for no leaks.  

This was my second pump rebuild and I remember we e-mailed re: the shaft
seal and needing a press to swap it out.  I skipped doing that seal
again...sorry to say, but just don't know a convenient place to get it done
and don't feel comfortable leaving my disassembled pump with someone else.
First pump is still leak free...so far so good.

Maybe it's time I buy that $99 12 ton press from Harbor Freight.  But then
I'd still need to rig up the special dies/tools to support the part.  So
$99 will just get me started.  
I may need to do some bushing replacements on this car so the press may be
a good investment.  I'm not sure how to judge the condition of the rubber
suspension bits but suspect some may have suffered from the continual bath
in pentosin, plus normal deterioration over ten years.

I ordered some parts from the TPC recently and most of their prices were
excellent.  I asked Rod about the price for a rebuilt rack and he said $350
(approx).  He also said that seemed high and he could double check and get
back to me on it if I wanted.  I said no, because I didn't think he could
beat Jorgen on this one.  

Dave Conner

Columbus, OH 

87 5KS
89 100E
86 4KCSQ
91 200Q Avant (For Sale)