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Re: Power window blues

Kahng writes... 

>Yesterday while lowering the drivers window of my 86 5ks, a sound was
>emitted that sounded like my wifes Oster blender

>My question is this.  Do I have to replace the entire regulator assembly
>can I just get new cable assembly.

Well, no. You can _make_ a new cable assembly. BTDT, on my coupe. I used
bicycle cables, so they already had the end piece on them, wish I thought
of using crimps (doubled, perhaps) to anchor to the window stop.

Mr. Powell supplies instructions via his FAQ pages....not too sure what a
"swivel pin" is, though...

Steve Bigelow
Discreet Dungeons
Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco armrest/cupholder
'82 Coupe (previous)