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Re: 89 100 Fuse/electrical problems

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Murphy say:

> Dear list,
> My 89 100 blew #4 fuse ~7 days ago.  Thought I isolated problem down to
> child protect button and/or rear cig. lighter (fuse blew when button
> pressed). Too lazy to immediately do anything about it, I told SO not to
> push that button.  
> Yesterday, fuse blew again while SO was driving (she did not touch the
> button).  This and other electrical problems (including other potential
> fuse#4 problems) were escalated to "fix 'em all now". 


It's still the rear cig lighter. The shell collapses and shorts
out, blowing the fuse repeatedly.

I just opened up the console part (it is easy) and unplugged the
power connector from the lighter. Problem solved.


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