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Re: Noisy top ends

From: MB1033@aol.com
> I had read various "recipes" of lubricants to quieten 4000 lifters. I
> recently bought an 87-1/2 CGT with a very noisy top end. I fitted new
> lifters , hoping this would solve the problem. I was really cheesed
> off when it started to clatter again within a few hours.  Why is this?
> is the oil pump weak ? should I have bought "genuine" Audi lifters at
> $30 each rather than the $10 ones I got? What can I do to shut it
> up ?? Can I fit the older head with buckets and shims. Any advice
> appreciated 

This may sound like a dumb question, but did you change the oil?  More
often than not, if the oil is dirty, the lifters will make noise
regardless of whether they are good or not.  Sounds like the previous
owner didn't perform all the oil changes as often as he should have.  If
this is the case, the oil passages may be partially blocked with gunk. 
Doing a couple of short oil changes (500 miles) or flushing the engine
may cure the noises for good.  Mobil 1 has a good detergent package that
will clean your engine faster.  Of course, don't overlook the vacuum
pump that may be doing noises as well.  HTH

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq