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Re: ad blitz

In message <362B3C92.EDA7E6D8@sbt.infi.net> John Courtney writes:

> Being a long-term bimmerphile, I'm having trouble with this image.  The only time
> I've ever been passed by an Audi at the track was if the safety flag was out and
> they were trailering it.

The record speaks for itself.  Before the weight penalty was added,
A4 quattros won all seven of the national Touring Car championships
they entered.

Jorg Winkelhof, the chief BMW pilot in the UK, once said that Frank
Biela "could win towing a trailer" without the weight penalty.

The weight penalty they decided to add was exactly equal to the weight
of Biela's wife and children - imagine racing with your family's
weight in the car.

Despite it's (almost) 50% power advantage, an M3 is a relatively
comfortable target for an ur-quattro in the dry - hard to pass, but
easy to wear down.  In the wet, they don't last two corners.

My comment about the mirror was because someone in a 328i tried to
follow me through the twisties from the A412 onto the M25 two weeks
ago, and discovered that you need a little more than EDL to stay on
the road.

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