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Re: Power window blues

At 12:29 PM 10/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Mr. Powell supplies instructions via his FAQ pages....not too sure what a
>"swivel pin" is, though...
>Steve Bigelow
>Discreet Dungeons
>Ottawa Ontario
>'84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco armrest/cupholder
>'82 Coupe (previous)


I always wondered what a swivel pin is until I bought some.  It looks like
a 1/2 inch threaded spacer with a hole thru its side.  I think the pin uses
a #10 screw.  The Audi service bulletin states that you should modify the
pin by grinding a slot in the side of the pin that meets the hole.  This
allows you to install the existing cable on the window sliding "car" into
the pin along with the replacement cable and tighten the screw down on it.



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