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Re: BTDT and need advice.

Go to 
for an excellent explanation of how alternators work.  Note the bulb
lableled idiot light is the bulb on your dash.  This signal from the
alternator is also used to lamp test bulbs when the engine is not
running.  You will need a schematic or trace the wires to see how this
feature works.

---Todd Young <tyoung@wamnet.com> wrote:
> OK, my turn to ask for advice.
> Car: '93 90S V6 5sp man
> Now for the advice part. Since I put the cluster back in, the
> light stays on upon initial start up, until I rev the engine. 

> the "coolant" light flashes, until I rev the engine. The weird thing
> about the "battery" light, is that it has it's own pair of wires
> to a bulb socket that just hooks into the cluster, so why would
> the cluster affect it? I tried resetting the computer, it didn't
> anything.
> I'm getting more paranoid as I sit and think about this, I'm wondering
> if I plugged that seperately wired socket into the wrong hole, and
> not really the battery light that should be lighting up, but something
> else, I can't remember what is supposed to be right next to the
> light". Guess I should pull out the owners manual and check.
> Comments? Ideas? Probably my first step should be to get some
> and pull the cluster again and put some on all the contacts.
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