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Re: More "Thank god for Quattro" stories :-)

Mike Larosa wrote:
>Dropped off my daughter at daycare last winter in a miserable (Read typical
>New England snow storm)....
>The daycare provider mentioned one of the other parents got her Saab 900
>stuck in the snow.  Being the nice guy that I am (Read, hhhhhmmmm sounds
>like a job for QUATTRO MAN!!!!!  Que superman music....), (Actually more like
>idle curiousity as to whether or not I could push her out :-)
>Found her on an unplowed road with about a foot or so of snow on it probably
>300-400 yards from the plowed street.
>Cruised in, power slid the V8 around her, slowly pulled up behind her and
>pushed it out.  :-)  
>I was surprised how easy it did it.

Hi Mike,

What kind of tires do you run in the snow? There is no way I could do what
you did with my V8 which has Pirelli P4000 tires. On snow, it feels like an
elephant on roller skates. I treat the gas pedal very gingerly because it
is all too easy to swap ends with the P4000s. This winter, I plan to put
some real snows on it, probably some Hakkas.


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