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Re: UrQ shocks...

Eaton Dave wrote:

> the model numbers for the koni and bilstein shocks are as follows:
> koni:   front: 86-2086 sport; rear: 86-2087 sport
> bilstein:       front: p36-3016; rear: p36-3017
> although bilstein has no listed other shock options for the ur-quatro, they
> have various options based around the s2...
> the s2 (type 89) can use the same rears (p36-3017) as the ur-quattro  for
> their "sport" setup along with either p30-3086 or pe3-3086 for the front.
> the difference between these two is based on the thread used for the strut
> housings in the s2.  the pe3-3086 is used for the 55x1.5mm thread while the
> p30-3005 and p30-3006 (sprint) shock is used for the 50x1.5mm thread.  the
> p30-3086 front shock is the same as the type 89 coupe shock.  in addition
> the s2 has a "sprint" shock setup which is p30-3006 front and p36-3058
> rears.
> the advantage of the bilsteins are that they are oem, and they can be
> re-built - making them cheaper than the koni's.
> the koni alternative from the s2 is the 86-2086 spd2, while the rear is the
> 8210-1160 sport which is externally adjustable.  the earlier s2 also had an
> option of 86-2433 sport for the rears.
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q

Dave and all,
The Konis part numbers mentioned in this post made me a little curious since
they seem all too familiar...
So, I did a little more looking for possible cross references.

86-2086 Sport,     fits the following applications:
81-89 Turbo Quattro Coupe FRONT
83-89 90 Quattro, non 20V REAR
83-89 Coupe Quattro, non 20V REAR
83-87 4000 Quattro, non 20V REAR

86-2087 Sport
81-89 Turbo Quattro Coupe REAR

86-2086 spd2  No idea, no listing in the US book, but hey, it's a US book.

86-2433 Sport
89-95 Coupe Quattro, 2.3, 2.6, 2.8 REAR

8210-1160 Sport
92-95 80 Quattro REAR

I have no comment on the Bilstein applications or cross references, I'm not
familiar with their part numbering system.

Also, all Koni shocks are rebuildable execpt:
25 series,
26 series,
28 series,
30 series,
76 series,
and 8641 all of which are sealed units.
Being that the all of the Koni apps for the Audi's can be rebuilt and the lower
cost of the shocks to begin with, they are indeed the cheaper of the two

Todd Candey