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Re: Brian's "Michelin Man Hose"

>Brian, et al., If your car has an O2 sensor, you just killed it. Bosch,
>as well as VW/Audi, expressly state that no silicone be used
>in/on/around the intake system as fatal O2 sensor damage will result.

That refers to silicone sprays, carb cleaners, etc., not to fully dried
silicone sealant(but I wouldn't use sealant anyway; it doesn't stick well,
and could get sucked into the engine, and that WOULD be bad.

That's why those fuel injector cleaners say "alcohol based" or something
similar on the bottle.  Older sprays had silicone and damaged the O2 sensor.

The O2 sensor is probably fine.  An oil leak will do more damage.


Brett Dikeman
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