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The head on my '87 5ktqw is off. now what?

Following Phil and Igor's procedure for the head removal as described a 
couple of weeks ago, I got the head off just fine.
Now after it gets back from the machine shop with valves done and head 
surfaced I'll be ready to put it back in.
What steps are diffrent than just the "install in reverse order".
Do I install the exhaust manifold to the head and try and fit it to the 
turbo and exhaust pipe sitting in the frame. If I use guide studs I don't 
think that it would work.
I have a haynes manual for the '87 but it is not clear on the best way to 
When setting head on the Factory manual for our '91 90cs with 5 clyinder 
non turbo states to NOT place #1 at TDC.  Any help?
I'll admit that I'm a bit over my head :') but it's good to be able to do 
this and actually have it work. 
So is there a step by step anywhere on installing a remachined head?
Thanks for the help.

Rod Michaelson
'87 5kcstqw 228K (mine)
'95 90csq 58k (wife)
'91 90cs 89k (17 year-old daughter's)
'87 4kcs 138K (23 year-old daughter's)
'98 chevy c1500 stepside (company's)