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Re: kudos to GPR


Funny you should mention this.
I had the exact same problem with GPR when I ordered lines for my 1982
Apperantly some of the Coupes had unequal length lines on the rear axle
(some '82s I hear).
Can anyone else comment on how true this is.


Huw Powell wrote:

> I just purchased a set of SS brake lines to throw in my 82 coupe from
> GPR, and the new rear lines were both the same length (8"), whereas my
> old lines are shorter and longer (6.75" & 9").  One quick call to Nathan
> @ GPR and he's gonna send a pair the same length as the old ones right
> out.  This substantially reduces my worries about swapping in my pretty
> "new" rear axle and brakes when the time comes....
> that's what we call customer service, eh?
> --
> Huw Powell
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Martin Pajak


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