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Rear Quattro Links

Does anybody have any experience with rebuilding the rear links on their
Quattros. The outer side of the links on my car are in poor condition
(loose and squeaky). While the inboard side (ball joint) seems tight
enough. I have made a few calls to try and purchase a new bushing insert
for the outboard end. My hope is/was to rebuild mine rather than just
buy new ones. They seem to sell new for around US$100.00 per side and
sadly, rebuild parts just don't seem to be available.

I am giving some serious thought to fabricating a replacement bushing
insert out of brass. My idea would be to  install this brass insert
along with a grease fitting as an alternative (and cheap) replacement
for the rubber bushing that has died in the line of duty.

Any BTDT's along these lines?

Kim Johnson
1986 5ktq