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WOT Switch

I have found that if you click a working WOT switch by hand while the
car is idling, the idle will change. (At least on my 4kq). Also a good
idea to turn off the engine and have someone mash the "gas" pedal to the
floor and check that the throttle is opening all the way and clicking
the switch. You also don't want too much tension on the cable or it will
fail early.

> This is NOT enough.  Scott Mockry has recently suggested that 4 ohms is
> the maximum for the entire WOT circuit.  Continuity testers will often
> beep at 50 ohms.  Check the reading - I had a switch that beeped at 35
> ohms and didn't trigger WOT at the ECU.  Orin Eman has come up with a
> _MUCH_ better test for the WOT switch, verifying its function by
> displaying the drive to the WGFV.
> > I was actually hoping that the switch was bad, so that I could replace
> > it and get a big "improvement" in performance, but maybe it really is
> > running the way it's supposed to! (Sure, there could be plenty of other
> > things to check too.)
> Mebbee ...
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