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Weekend over- two more Audis down.

Hi all,

I gotta stop watching this 'reality TV' show where they follow the police,
ambulance and fire dept- another two nice Audis 'featured' in this week's
installment. Both coincidentally quite near where I live, in spots where
these things tend to happen a lot. A nice silver 80 Avant got off the road
with two wheels, couldn't correct the ensuing skid and collided at high
speed with the righthand side of an overpass. As he drove the car straight
into a block of concrete with (my estimate) a speed of about 50 mph, the
car was seriously damaged. Having hit the passenger side however, the fire
dept had to cut the car open to free his passenger (thankfully not hurt too
badly).The driver was able to get out easily. According to the firemen, it
was really hard to free the passenger 'because of the extreme strength of
the car'

Not so lucky was the driver of a Nissan Micra (very small car) who got
blinded by the light of an oncoming car, swerved and hit a couple of trees,
ending up on the wrong side of the road, his totalled car partially
blocking traffic. He was unhurt and got out of the car to inspect the
damage. He called someone who arrived shortly to help him direct traffic
away from the wreck of the Nissan. This guy was apparently not very good at
directing traffic, because one of the first cars to arrive (an '85 Audi 90)
crashed straight into the Nissan, hitting and injuring the driver in the
process. There aren't many '85 90s around these parts, and I think I've
recognized the car- used to belong to a friend of mine.

Not a good weekend for Audis, but both did their thing in protecting the
occupants. Interesting comment from the fire guys, about the strength of
the 80.