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Audi 200 1990, brake job: ATE PowerDisc part numbers


I'm still collecting sources of parts to do a near complete
brake job on my 200t. So far, rear Ate rotors for $90 a set
from a ATE reseller, guide pin boots and piston reseal
kits for all 4 calipers from either The Parts Connection
for $50 or another lister (provided I finally get around to
verifying the make of caliper I have), front rotors for
$140 a set from Audi South Africa.

I visited the Blaufergnugen site and saw they carry
the ATE PowerDisc rotors for the 1990 200. I e-mailed and
asked what the part number is. All that came back was that
they cost $64 each. I need the part number to see if I can
perhaps get the units locally from ATE.

Does anyone have the ATE part number for the PowerDisc to
replace the front rotors on a 1990 Audi 200 with 276mm
rotor diameter? I remember another lister also fitted
these to his 200, but I don't have his e-mail address around
right now.

Who else can supply the rotors at a reasonable cost? I
suspect shipping to be enormous, but I need to weigh that
all up against how long the rotors will last compared to




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