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Re: Troublesome ur-quattro

In message <00e901bdfba4$cc6dd400$db4c95c1@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Strange. Is it possible that there is a problem somewhere in the supply
> line? Perhaps something causing a lock in the fuel? I had something similar
> happen years ago where fuel pressure dropped on one of my cars because the
> tank vent was slightly blocked and wasn't up to the task of balancing the
> pressure. Discovered the problem when I heard a sucking sound when I took
> the cap off.

Interesting thought.

> Once the car has exhibited the lack of revs, if you slow down and drop down
> a couple of gears will it rev to a higher level again?

Yes.  It's just as if there was a Watt-style centripetal governor fitted
with a stepped wheel - one step for each gear.  You can go up and down
the box and play for indefinite periods.

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