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More on strange behavior

Hello again,
    Thanks for all the replies,  everyone's willingness to help out
always amazes me...
Last night I replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the ISV, cleaned and
tested the rotor/cap, removed and inspected the turbo hoses, checked for
misc. vacuum leaks, and inspected the plugs.  What I found was that the
car is running extremely rich.  I cleaned the plugs about four days
prior to the problems, so I know that the fouling is a result of it.  So
far,  everything I check turns out OK.  The car still tries to die and
then quickly catches itself providing the gas pedal is held at the
desired level.  If I try and give it more gas or let up,  it dies and
then is difficult to start. Although, I don't have any problems with
cold or warm starts.  Also,  I still don't get any fault codes or low
boost problems.  Any more theories?  Could this be a problem with some
temp sensor running the cold start valve or something? Again,
everyone's help/experience is greatly appreciated. TIA
Tim Sexton
Colo.Springs, Co.
87 5kcstq, 5sp, still 1.3 bar