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Re: Fair Market v. Supply

I'd say you got a good deal. Mainly because the supply is so limited out
there. I just moved to Denver from Portland, OR. I was looking for a q for
almost a year. Every two or three weeks, one would show up in the paper
that I'd be interested in. Most of the time they were crappy.

I moved back to Denver, and every day in the paper, there's at least 8 good
80/90/CQ's. It's really amazing. It's almost worth the trip to Denver to
buy one.

At 6:30 AM -0600 10/20/98, C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 10/20/98 02:20:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>deputer@email.msn.com writes:
>> FYI - I just purchased a 1991 20v sedan, very nice, 49k mi, pearl/blue int,
>>  from the original owner for $13,000.  I felt that I paid a bit much, as the
>>  car needs a bomb, timing belt, and some misc items tended to, but the owner
>>  originally wanted $14,500.  The car had been for sale here in the Seattle
>>  area since March, according to his wife.
>As with most audis, it's not the mileage (within reason), it's the condition
>and maintenance history.  I think you got a fair or good deal, personally, if
>the car is in good shape, but then, I own one...
>chris miller, windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com