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Re: UrQ shocks...

todd candey <tcandey@wans.net> wrote:

  >The Konis part numbers mentioned in this post made me a little curious since
  >they seem all too familiar...
  >So, I did a little more looking for possible cross references.

I have the European Koni catalogue for '97, and have added the following:

  >86-2086 Sport,     fits the following applications:
  >81-89 Turbo Quattro Coupe FRONT
  >83-89 90 Quattro, non 20V REAR
  >83-89 Coupe Quattro, non 20V REAR
  >83-87 4000 Quattro, non 20V REAR

83-91 80 Quattro, REAR

  >86-2087 Sport
  >81-89 Turbo Quattro Coupe REAR

  >86-2086 spd2  No idea, no listing in the US book, but hey, it's a US book.

93/94 S2/S2 Avant, FRONT.
90/95 S2 Coupe, FRONT.

  >86-2433 Sport
  >89-95 Coupe Quattro, 2.3, 2.6, 2.8 REAR

89/91 90 Quattro 2.3E 20v REAR.

  >8210-1160 Sport
  >92-95 80 Quattro REAR

I was too lazy to do any more cross-referencing, so here goes- Audi Quattro
applications by model:

95/97 A4 Quattro 	82-2427Sport FRONT, 8210-1162Sport REAR.

94/96 A6 Quattro, sedan and Avant, excl. cars with self-levelling suspension
86-2149Sport FRONT, 	80-2762Sport REAR.

A8 only non-quattro cars listed

83/91 80 Quattro 8610-1262Sport or 86-2066Sport FRONT,	86-2086Sport REAR.

92/95 80 Quattro/Avant Quattro incl cars with lowered suspension
8610-1262Sport or 86-2066 FRONT, 8210-1160Sport REAR.

83/89 90 Quattro excl 2.3E 20v 	8610-1262Sport or 86-2066Sport FRONT,
86-2433Sport REAR.

84/92 100 Quattro/Avant Quattro excl self-levelling susp
86-2149Sport FRONT, 80-2762Sport REAR.

91/May94 S4 Sedan/Avant 	86-2149Sport FRONT, 80-2630Sport REAR.

84/90 200/200 Avant excl 20v 	86-2149Sport FRONT, 80-2762Sport REAR.

89/90 200 Quattro 20v/Avant Quattro 20v 	86-2149Sport FRONT,
80-2630Sport REAR

83/89 Coupe Quattro 2.2E-2.3E excl 20v 	8610-1262Sport or 86-2066Sport FRONT,
86-2086 REAR.

92/95 Coupe Quattro 2.3E-2.6E-2.8E 	8610-1262Sport or 86-2066 FRONT,
86-2433Sport REAR

90/95 S2 Coupe 	86-2086SPD2 FRONT, 86-2433Sport REAR.

93/94 S2/S2 Avant 	86-2086SPD2 FRONT, 8210-1160Sport REAR.

89-94 V8 Quattro 	86-2149Sport FRONT, 80-2630Sport REAR.

My $.02, sorry for any redundancies.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1987 Audi 90q 2.3E, Tizianrot metallic, 167,000km

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