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Ah, that's why I bought an Audi

*No technical content below*

Driving home yesterday on Rt. 18 (two lane separated by grass median) a
minute or two from my exit.  Cruising at speed limit plus ten in the left
lane while I pass a group of slower cars in the right.  Just before I'm
about to switch lanes back a BMW 328i comes flying up my ass and starts
flashing his lights.  I casually pull over and let him pass, maintaining my

Turns out he's exiting where I am and enters the exit ramp (a long single
lane 180 degree turn that changes radius twice) about 8 car lengths in front
of me.  He is now braking heavily, fumbling through the ramp.  I hammer
through the ramp, and catch him just as we prepare to merge onto another two
lane highway (no traffic coming).  I duck out into the far left and carry my
speed right past the BMW driver, who's now looking over at me in disbelief,
wearing his chin in his lap.  I get momentarily dizzy as the blood rushes
away from my brain to other areas of my anatomy (booiiing!!).  "Ah, I love
this car" I think to myself ('98 A41.8Tq).

At a light he asks me what mods I've done to the car.  I report none (I just
got the car in August and haven't decided on a chip mod yet).  He exclaims
that can't be true, as his BMW is far superior to an Audi, and there's
nothing different in my car that should let me catch him around a curve like
that.  "Driver is" I respond as the light turns green and I pull away.  

I'm still smiling thinking about it.  Just had to share with some others who
may appreciate the experience...