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New car questions...

These will be the first of probably many questions re the
new 85 4KQ...
1.  Got car yesterday, put new battery in, she started right
up and I drove her home.  After putzing around for awhile 
last night I tried to start her up.... No start.   Tried again after
work today and guess what?  NO start!   Any advice?

2. Front end of the car got whacked a little worse than I thought.
Lights and side markers are not in place correctly, think I have
to mess around and tap some things to try and get them right.
Also, the bumper cover is damaged and needs to be taken off.
Would it look OK to retro the front end and go for an early CGT/
Urq/4KS look?  Or does anyone have a bumper cover and parts 
_really_ cheap?  Don't want to spend lots more money on another
old car!     

Thanks One Million, Billion Times In Advance!        Ron
oooo   Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  talkpine@lightlink.com  
             85 4000 Quattro  and  84 4000S