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200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops

For those interested, a PCB sketch and details of this fix can be
found at http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5614 compliments et al.
This indicates specific to '89 and up 100/200, but looks very similar
to a problem on my '86 5ktq.

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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:24:28 -0400
From: Dave Conner <conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu>
Subject: 200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops

Bill Lamb wrote:
Thanks in advance for direct pointers to specific Qlist dates or
insights re: speedo fix.
'89 200 TQ that is starting to mask its true mileage.

Bob Meyers has pointed you in the right direction for the fix.
There is an Audi Tech Service Bulletin on this.  The AllData CD ROM
includes this TSB.  It describes the fix in detail, including a picture of
the circuit board with arrows pointing to the exact spot to solder.  It
also warns to use a soldering iron of 30 watts or less.  Good advice.

I recently did this fix on my wife's 89 100 and it was a little tedious but
not difficult.  The TSB diagram helped.
I could fax or mail a copy of the TSB if you want.
Let me know.
Dave Conner

Columbus, OH

87 5KS
89 100E
86 4KCSQ
91 200Q Avant (For Sale)