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Re: Where to find semi-metal brake pads for 100,A6 or A4

Chris wrote:

Another fellow lister and I happened to be looking for a way to upgrade 
the pads on our 98 A4's. To make a long story short we found that the 
A4's pads are exactly the same as the 100 and previous design A6. SO, do 
any listers know where to get semi-metallic pads such as metalmasters, 
etc. for the 100 or A6 where we could use them for our A4's. Any info or 
recommendations would be appreciated.

Yes, during the Mid-Atlantic Club meeting this past Sat I and Chris
matched up the A4 pads with the '92-> 100, A6 ones. They are identical
mechanically and only differ by the lack of a wear sensor on the A4 pad.

This may be a benefit in disguise, coz once the PBR/Axxis pad is out I'm
gonna get the A6 part rather than the A4 and build a small CMOS OR
circuit  which will trip the "brake" light and the buzzer when either
pad wears it's sensor through. Or better yet, the AND circuit so that it
will show when both pads will wear their sensors.

Availability: stinks so far. I just spoke to Rod @ TPC and he called
Axxis on my request. They are giving him a run around on the
manufacturing date. So don't hold your breath for a forthcoming release.
It may take a while.

On the A4 pad: by now everybody already knows that they are notoriously
dirty (much dirtier than the OEM type-44 pads) and are dangerous in the
first wet application. It appears that Audi in it's infinite wisdom
switched the OEM suppliers from Jerrod to ATE hence the lousy pads we
now have on the A4.

FYI, the rear pads on the A4 are identical to the 200TQ, have already
bought them (PBR Deluxe p/n 363R) for the A4.

I will post any new info as soon as I find out.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - dust-free PBR Deluxe
'98 A4TQ - horrible OEM crap