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Re: ad-blitzes, or is that Flag waving

Of course the same would be true of drivers in Audi's, Chevettes, Escorts, and
Yugos.  At some point, however, there's a dividing line.  Even a great driver
would have a tough time beating an inexperienced one if the race were between
a stock 4 cyl. Vega and a Porsche 911.

Bob Davis wrote:

> Ok  -  My .02.
> The car is the tool.
> Fast lap time/making it through the wet turn at speed/surviving the rigors
> of an encounter with an over-lit Quattro in England/etc. are all about the
> driver.
> Bad drivers in great cars will lose every time.
> Great drivers in competent cars will always beat them.
> Equal drivers in non-equal cars?  Who knows.
> Are we to assume that every BMW we meet on the road is driven well?  Not
> IME. Not with any car.
> Bob Davis
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