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Re: WMB Drivers

	i have had similar things happen to me.  i came upon a van 
	in the fast lane of highway 250, just north of hillsborough
	(i was heading south).  it's five lanes wide and not a single
	car on 280 there ever drives below 70, and three lanes go 80.
	he was at 80 in the fast lane and i was going 85-90.  i a
	approached, let of evenly at a safe distance, and politely
	and properly flashed my high beams.  no effect, so i did it
	a10 seconds later - there was plenty of room to move over.

	so when it was clear and safe i went for a calm, slow, right 
	hand pass.  as i got to the back of his early 80's brown
	econoline her SWERVED into my lane, mising my car by inches, 
	(only because i swerved away and hit the brakes) and this 
	caused another car (thankfully some kind of nice performance
	cr or another) to swerve like mad.  i was in utter disbelief.

	i eventually passed him a couple lanes to the right and went
	on my way.  on some big downhill (at father serra there) he
	caught up to me and began tailgating (<3 feet from me) and
	swerving back and fourth.  basically trying to kill me.  once
	i got ahead again i placed a call to 911.

	audi content: tomorrow i complete a transaction that will put
	me in the seat of my first quattro.  i am racking my brain 
	for a personalzed plate.  i think i will mock my (now ex)
	auto mechanic by getting "BAD IDEA" on my plate.  it it's 
	available... SHNAY CR perhaps?  SHNAY TY?

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Rich wrote:

:|So tonight this older guy and his wife are tooling through Main Street (here
:|in Manchester, VT) at about 7 mph. It's night time...there's nothing to
:|see...and nothing is open (except maybe the Ben & Jerry's). Still this guy
:|is driving his monkey-shit brown early '90's 3 series slower than death. So
:|I give him a quick flash with the high beams to hopefully get him to move
:|along. Keep in mind that I installed the PIAA Super White bulbs a while
:|back. Highly recommended! I could see his bald pate light up quite clearly
:|through the back window. Then, this jerk hits his brakes hard! I pull around
:|him, (on the right hand side cause that's the only place there's room to
:|pass) and continue on my way. Unbelievably, this guy follows me into the
:|parking lot of the supermarket 1/3 mile down the road! 
:|He says     "Sir. do you have a problem?"
:|I say       "Yes, you don't know how to drive, do you?"
:|He says     "I know how to drive, you passed me on the right!"
:|I say       "So?"
:|He says     "I'm writing down your license plate and am going to get the
:|police right now!"
:|I say       "I have a better idea, why don't you go f**k yourself, while I
:|go inside and buy some food?"
:|He looked pretty shocked. Then he rolled up his window and drove away.
:|I'm usually somewhat better behaved.
:|'95 90 Quattro Sport
:|(normally I would put my license plate {here}, but I'm incognito for the
:|rest of the night)

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