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Re: Source for right rear tie rod 83 Ur-q?

In message <> "Frank J. Bauer" writes:

> >The problem is that this is an "MoT failure item" in the UK.  About 60%
> >of the UK fleet was registered on or just after 1 August 19nn, and the
> >annual test anniversary comes up then.  Around 500 cars go for their
> >annual tests at around the same time, and Audi's "one a month"
> >supply model can't keep up.  So global supply of the track rods
> >(especially the fronts) just dries up for two or three months.
> i bought the last left and right rear tie rods in country when i rebuilt my
> tqw suspension and chassis.
> this was (a year ago) in june.

Audi (UK) have a target stock level for the UK of _four_ front
adjustable tie rods.  When I bent one, there were only two in the
country - both had been issued to garages pending booked-in repairs, and
Audi made vague promises about "six weeks".  It turned out that the
clock didn't _start_ to tick for two weeks - when Ingolstadt returned
from its annual factory holiday.  The supplier, of course, isn't in
Ingolstadt - it's a company near Frankfurt that goes on its annual
factory holiday the same week that Ingolstadt returns.

Tim at The Parts Department scoured Germany for me, and found one in
stock at a main dealer.  I paid full German retail price plus air
freight, and it was still 20% less than Audi (UK) list.

 Phil Payne
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