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Re: the flag again

Stilian writes:

>Which M3, E30, E36?. I guess it is the E36 with 4 doors and the US
>model, since  the euro never got here.
Not sure the point of the question.  You guessed it, there was only one here.
He did upgrade the brakes to euro M3 brakes.  All else stock

> He sets the FTD for the rest of the really tweaked quattros to
> meet.  Then he bolts his street tires on, plugs in his cd, and drives home
> work, warrantee intact.

>>I think you need to reread the BMW warrantee statement
Er, ah, well I have, and so has he.  In fact before bringing me his car to
bleed the brakes, it was at the dealer for a squeak in the brakes.  No charge.
As a general rule, Stilian, warrantees and insurance for track events are
covered.  That's why they are called "Safety Seminars".  A good friend of mine
hit the armco at MidOH, and got a repair bill for 21,000USD.  Allstate covered
it all.

>  He's already drinking his beers at the hotel before
> Anderson is done loading his Urq on the trailer.
>>Maybe he is just a better driver.

 Maybe you should go to an event before you make that statement.  I taught the
M3 driver, Anderson is one of the best quattro drivers.  Don't ask me, ask

>Is the 97 BMW complaint for banning quattro good enough example for you.

So you are the one with the 300HP A4 with the motor moved back 6inches, the
19in wheels, 343/330 f/r brakes (non abs), and the VC differentials.  I was
wondering who could actually drive on on the street.  :)

>You keep saying that but offer no comparison between Audi and BMW,
>suspension, brakes, etc. Quattros have their shortcomings, but they also
>have their benefits, and you know that races do not stop when it rains,
>and I really want to see your BMW better "everything" taking a tight
>turn in the wet.

Hey Stilian, were you listening?  Reread my post.  Stock M3 in the wet (like
big time raining man), nary a quattro near my trunk, 12 of the most tweeked in
the USA.  Quattros in really high Hp and/or low cf conditions have the edge.
I won't compare a torsen q, cuz that's been hashed here.  

>BMW does have better chassis dynamics, in general, but not that much
>better than the UrQ or the A4. How do you explain the A4 domination of
>the BTCC 96 - 97 with less power and "worse" chassis dynamics.

Er, I own an urq, and I don't agree with you.  I have already explained the A4
domination inthe BTCC.  A quattro without abs, with 19in wheels, big brakes,
better weight distribution, a set f/r center diff (VC not torsen), and an 2L
16v engine moved rearward wins races wet and sometimes dry in quattro form.
Gee, Stilian, I understand your point.

>Also how do you know that BMWs are so much better. Do you have one?
>Have you driven them for a while? I had a 83 323i euro for 5years while
>I lived in Europe), my dad still has his 92 535is Alpina (M5 wanna be),
a>nd I have 84 735i euro 5sp here in the US. I have many friends that
>have BMWs and race them and have driven many E30 M3s (tweaked - two with
>the M5 engine transplant - 300hp), E36 M3s, and E28 M5s and while they
>are very good and capable cars, they are not that much better, if at all
>than similar Audi cars. 

What exactly would a "similar" Audi car be?

>The A4Q has much better suspension layout than
>any US BMW today. The A4Q has about the same if not better chassis
>dynamics than any comparable US BMW.

Depends on your definition of CD.  Mine happens to include weight
distribution.  Compromising that requires a lot more than quattro to be
"better" IMO.

>It is just a little underpowered,
>but nothing that a chip and some minor tweaks can't fix.  
>I do not where you get your BMW superiority statements, but until you
>prove that you have driven them a lot and own some you really cannot
>compare them to Audi cars the way you do.

I compare them all the time Stilian, here's why.  I am a quattro instructor
for more than a few years, going to a minimum of 7 events per year.  I have
instructed at BMW, Lotus, and Viper club events, still do.  Ask around, sir, I
drive them all, tweek them, and compare them.  And I don't claim to be
anything but a car nut, a quattro owning one at that.  But to every event, I
bring a helmet and a watch.  Sorry the watch doesn't lie easily.  I don't know
you at all Stilian.  I would think, if you have that much experience with
performance audis and BMW's, I would have seen you at an event or two.   No
big deal to me.  I see quattros beating BMW's all over this list for many
years.  I find it somewhat ironic, that no one on this list has yet to
challenge my watch anywhere else.  

I'm in this again.  It's old.  Let's love our q's for what they are.  

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq