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Re: Konis

Hairy green toads from Mars made todd candey say:

> John, from the inside back cover of the 1998 Koni Shock and Strut Master
> Catalog:
> Koni Inc. warrants all new Koni shock absorbers to the original retail
> purchaser against defects in material and workmanship excluding mounting
> rubbers, washers and bushings,
> when used under normal operating conditions for as long as such purchaser
> owns the vehicle on which the Koni shock absorbers were originally
> installed.

What about wearing out?

My '89 100Q has a set of Koni red adjustables in them. The two
rears blew out after a year or so, and I replaced them (no receipt).
They now have about 80K on them (+/- 10K) and are getting pretty
old and soft.....


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