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Re: ad-blitzes, or is that Flag waving

Jim Simone wrote:

> Actually, my impression here in the SF Bay area is just that. I find too many
> WMBs and Mercedes-Benz blocking the fast lane, drivers without a clue. Just
> because one can afford to buy a high performance car evidently doesn't mean
> one knows how to drive one properly. I see people driving Cavaliers with more
> skill...

Is it just me, or do these threads really mutate over time, oh well, I'll add my

Just my humble opinion. 95% of the time, the bigger or more expensive the car,
the less the person driving it knows what he/she is doing.

Another theory I have, 95% of the people driving newer
Camaros/Firebirds/Corvettes are either: 1) ugly women, 2)old farts having a
mid-life crisis trying to pick up women half their age, or 3) some egotistical
young pup who had daddy buy the car for him {or he bought it himself, but all he
can afford to eat is mac & cheese as the insurance is killing him}.

Now remember I said 95% of the time, not all the time. There are definite
exceptions. AND this is just my humble opinion, gained from 18 years behind the
wheel (yes I'm 34). Oh and no offense meant to any "old farts" or "young pups",
as I was a young pup and will be an old fart.

OK, flame away.

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