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Re: ad-blitzes, or is that Flag waving

From: Bob Davis <bob@segNET.COM> wrote:
> The car is the tool.
> Fast lap time/making it through the wet turn at speed/surviving the
> rigors of an encounter with an over-lit Quattro in England/etc. are
> all about the driver.
> Bad drivers in great cars will lose every time.
> Great drivers in competent cars will always beat them.
> Equal drivers in non-equal cars?  Who knows. 
> Are we to assume that every BMW we meet on the road is driven well? 
> Not IME. Not with any car.

Amen to that.  In my humble experience, lap times have 90% to do with
the driver and 10% with the car (any car).  The only reason any car
spins on a turn is either mechanical failure or driver error.  Drive any
car beyond its limits or provide the wrong inputs at the wrong time and
you either spin or go agricultural off the track.  That's why you go to
driving schools - to learn to handle your car near the limit (and learn
to avoid costly mistakes).  

I'm still amazed at the number of people that have been driving
forgiving FWD vehicles for ten years since they got their licence and
expect they can just hop on a powerfull RWD car and jerk it around the
turns without realizing they require more finesse.  Yet, when they
crash  because of _their_ mistake they are quick to lable the car as a
POS. Just my $0.02.

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq