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O2 Sensors & Silicone - questions

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, John Larson wrote:
> Brian, et al., If your car has an O2 sensor, you just killed it. Bosch,
> as well as VW/Audi, expressly state that no silicone be used
> in/on/around the intake system as fatal O2 sensor damage will result.

So it doesn't matter where the silicone is used, if it gets sucked into the
engine it will kill the O2 sensor?
Burning in the combustion chamber won't change this?

In this case, Brian sprayed the intake boot w/ silicone, so his O2 sensor
is dead.  If he puts a new O2 sensor in it will die too if the same boot is
still on with the silicone on it...right?  
So what does he have to do?
Remove the boot and clean it?
Will the silicone disipate in time?  How long will it take?

I think a lot of folks need to hear the answers to this, including me.
Dave Conner

Columbus, OH
91 200Q 20v avant (for sale)
89 100E
87 5KS 
86 4KQ