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Re: 93 90CS Quattro

DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com wrote:

>  The asking price was 18k (really high), I got them down to 17k but they

That sounds _very_ high for a '93 90, even a Q.

> issue. All of the V 6  have been plagued  from time to time with to problems
> of note. First oil consumption. Doesn't happen to all of them, but sometimes
> it's head gaskets and sometimes its a mystery as to where its going, ie no

This was a problem for early V6s: the 1992 100 and early 1993 100 and 90.
Later 1993 production onwards seem to have been much better. I believe
mine was manufactured around April or May of 1993 and I have had no oil
consumption problems or leaks over the last 70k miles.

You don't mention the mileage for the car, but if it's got more than
55k or so, watch out for the water pump and timing belt. Any cricket-like
"chirp chirp chirp" immediately after a cold start is the water pump
giving its notice.

> leaks no smoke but 1 quart in 500 miles. And this leads to the second problem,
> that being cat converters coming apart internally and rattling. This seems to
> be caused by the oil going thru. Also inb so extreme cases they use so much

The driver's side cat seems to be a weak point. My understanding is that
it's been due to poor manufacturing, not oil consumption. Quite a number
of V6s I know of, including mine, with no oil consumption problems have
had cats self-destruct.

Watch out for any "ball bearings in a coffee can" rattles coming from

1993 90CS 70k miles