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Re: New Bosch plugs

I am having my first real horrible experience with the 'regular' platinums
(Bosch).  The car starts very hard now -- but runs fine afterwards.

Can you tell me where you got the plugs you're referring to -- and what
wires I need to buy?  You also said to 'snip the ends off' the plugs -- and
I just wanna make sure I understand what you mean by this.

Also, where can I get these plugs -- and the wire set you're referring to?

Have you ever used the recommended 'stock' Bosch plugs in your 5KCS TQ?

I want my car to start normally again -- and I also want to get the best
performance possible.

TIA for your help!

87 5KCS TQ
85 4KS Q
82 VW Cabriolet