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One thing...

>the point is that the quattro with torsen is able to *remove* engine braking
>force from the rears.  this has 2 effects: -

>>This has no effect. The torsen (quoting the owner's manual for my '89 200q
>>w/ABS) opens up on braking.

>>You boys play fair and _fun_, ya hear! :-)

Try this.  Accelerate your car to first gear to 5000rpm, let off the gas, how
long does it take to stop.  Next, accelerate your car to first gear and push
in the clutch, how long does it take to stop.  That force in experiment one,
is called engine braking torque.  What does the torsen do with that if your
car slows faster than if you pushed in the clutch?  It has to allocate that
braking torque somewhere.  A torsen is NOT a freewheeling differential.  If
there is engine torque (accelerating or braking), the torsen allocates it.
ALL differentials do. That means if you exceed 78/22 f/r r/fbrake
distribution, the torsen will cause slip.  It cannot allow more than that
split.  Push in the clutch, trg = 0, the torsen is allocating 0 torque.